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The students who join the College enter into their Courses with innumerable dreams and new resolutions. They believe that their dreams would become real, so easily. But when they are tossed between reality and optical illusions, they fail to keep a wary eye on their steps towards success and consequently, all their fervour fizzle out.

Gone are the days when mere Degrees or a Diploma or a Certificate fetched very respectable positions for the young candidates in the Society. But these are the days when young graduates are picked by the reputed employers, based on their skill sets. The Government of India is also very keen on consistently shaping the Socio – economic status of the stake holders in higher education.

Keeping this in mind, the Career Counselling and Placement Cell of our College takes all initiatives to chisel every individual student of our College to conquer glory in the area of career development. The Cell, through various awareness and training programmes, make the students move forward with enthusiasm. The students are given chances to take cues from case histories of many personalities who have made their life to a big stage, by developing their basic life skills and employability skills.

In addition to the Career Oriented Programmes conducted by the trainers from corporate sectors, the MOUs signed by the Cell with many other Companies and Firms help our students to get golden opportunities in their lives.

The Cell has a good record of placement in the past years and also will continue to uplift the lives of many more graduates in the days to come.

It works with a vision and meticulously moves forward in its mission.



Dr.B.Beneson Thilagar Christadoss


1. Mr. J. Kingsly Ebenezer Jebaselvan (Dept of Tamil)
2. Dr. A. Rathina Prabhu (Dept of English)
3. Dr. Joseph (Dept of History)
4. Mr. B. Robert Jeyapaul Ponraj (Dept of Economics)
5. Dr. T. Stanley Davis Mani (Dept of Commerce)
6. Dr.(Mrs). J. Subhashini (Dept of Maths)
7. Mrs. D. Priscilla Koilpillai (Dept of Physics)
8. Dr. J. Winfred Jebaraj (Dept of Chemistry)
9. Dr. D. Abiya Chelliah (Dept of Botany)
10. Dr. (Mrs). Ezhilmathi Sophia (Dept of Zoology)

1. Mr. S. Daniel Vethasigamani (Dept of English)
2. Mrs. J. Ruby Jemima (Dept of Physics (PG))
3. Dr. (Mrs). S. Asha Jebamary (Dept of Chemistry (PG))
4. Mrs. R. Venishia Leena Mary (Dept of Computer Science)
5. Mr. A. Abraham (Dept of Electronics)
6. Mr. B. Jefferson (Dept of BCA & M.Sc IT)



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