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The Department of History is one of the oldest Departments in St. John’s College. It runs a prestigious programme of under graduate studies which was launched in 1967, under the guidance of the then principal Prof. J. Vedasironmani. At present, eight faculty members and three hundred and fifty (handicapped and Blind) undergraduate students are in the department. (English and Tamil Medium). The range of study starts from the Ancient History of India to the present World History. The Department has earned name and fame since its inception.

Initially, it was one man Department, Prof. M.V. Subramaniam, who served from 1945 to 1962 who was attached with the Department of Economics. He has written a historical book namely “History of South India”. He participated and presented papers in various seminars organized by Madras Christian College, Tambaram and the University of Madras.

The full-fledged independent Department of History was started in the year 1967. Prof. J. Moses Packiyaraj led the Department. In the same year Prof. V. Masilamani and Prof. G. Gurubatham were also appointed. In the next year, Prof. A. Narasimhan was inducted. The four member faculty played an active role under the direction of Madurai Kamaraj University. Prof. A. Narasimhan was elected as a senator to the Madurai Kamaraj University through graduate constituency. Along with his regular duty, he served more to the people of both Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts. He wrote a book namely, “The National Integration of India” in Tamil ( தேசிய ஒருமைப்பாடு – இந்தியா ).

In 1977, Prof. B.S.V. Dharmaraj was appointed in the Department. The year 1983 is a landmark in the annals of the Department. During this year, the Department was extended with the introduction of English Medium course. Prof. R. Soundararaj Packianathan and Prof. J. Manuel joined as Lecturers in the same year. In 1983, Prof. R. Peter Perinbaraja joined in the Department as Assistant Professor. Prof. A. Arul Devadoss and Prof. M. Jeyasingh were also appointed in the year 1984. The faculty members participated in a wide range of conferences, workshops and seminars. In 1983, Prof. R. Peter Perinbaraja was transferred to Nazareth Morgochis College. Prof. A. Santhoskumar Asirvatham came to this Department in the year 1986. The pioneers of the Department retired one by one. In 1995, Prof. A. Narasimhan became the Head of the Department; Prof. G. Andrews was appointed in the same year. After the retirement of Prof. A. Narasimhan, Prof. A. Santhoskumar Asirvatham headed the Department. Prof. J. Devaraj Selvakumar was appointed as a Lecturer in the year 2001. Prof. A. Santhoskumar Asirvatham introduced the new tradition of taking the students to tours at National, Regional and Local levels. Along with the regular Department work, Prof. G. Andrews was appointed as NCC officer and served 1996 to 2014. He performed a remarkable service and received the award of the best NCC officer at the National level viz. “The Commendation Award”.

In 1997, Prof. R. Peter Perinbaraja came back to his home Department. In 2009, Prof. J. Barnabas Jacob and Prof. V. Jebamani Monsingh were added in the Department. Prof. R. Peter Perinbaraja took over the headship of the Department in 2004. Prof. A. Arul Devadoss was appointed as a Principal in- charge of the Institution. Later, Prof. T.K. Stantley David has joined as a Lecturer in the Department in the year 2014. Both Prof. R. Peter Perinbaraja and Prof. A. Arul Devadoss were retired from their service in May 2016. Prof. M. Joseph raj and Prof. J. Jeyasingh were appointed as Assistant Professor on 17th October 2016. Immediately after Prof. M. Jeyasingh, Dr. R. Stella was appointed as Assistant Professor on 4th October 2017. Prof. M. Jeyasingh retired from the service in the year 2017, After the retirement of Prof. M. Jeyasingh, Dr. G. Andrews was promoted as the Head of the Department in the year 2017. Our graduate culture involves a varied programme of workshops, seminars and conferences in which the Department operates closely with other disciplines and St. John’s network of inter disciplinary institutes and research centres. Above all, History at St. John’s is marked out by the vibrancy of the Department’s intellectual community and passion we put into understanding and interpreting the past. Since the origin of the Department is splendid, many thousands of students have passed through our doors. History graduates live and work around the world. They are Teachers, Lecturers, Script writers, Journalists, Authors, Television and Radio presenters, Producers, Museum Directors, Lawyers, Magistrates, Accountants, designers, Defense and Police personnel, various organizations of Christian Missionaries and Pastors. History Department is one of the premium Departments in St. John’s College. We, the Department of History organized the Golden Jubilee celebration in 2017 -18 academic years. Nearly 25 programs both indoor and outdoor events were arranged. On 7th April 2018,Golden Jubilee Historian’s Sangamam was organized. Nearly 250 Alumni had participated from different parts of India.

Prof. J.Devaraj Selvakumar retired from his service in May 2019. In his place Dr. T. Edwin devadoss was appointed as Assistant Professor on 17th June 2019.

Memorandum of understanding between Department of History, St. John’s College, Palayamkottai and Government museum, Tirunelveli is signed on 7th August 2019 for the development of the department activities.

In order to upgrade our development into P.G and Research department of History. This academic year 2019 – 2020. The department is extended with the introduction of M.A History English medium course under Self – Finance Section.

Courses Offered

B.A History (TM) B.A History (EM) M.A History (Un-aided)




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Alumni Meet

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