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St. John’s College Chapel has its own glorious history to recollect. It was built in St. John’s School campus by Missionaries. It opened in the year 1944 during the end of the Second World War. It was habituated as a Worshiping Centre by both St. John’s High School and St. John’s College students. The Chapel functioned to develop their Spiritual Life with the Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.

Later in the year 1998, another beautiful and spacious Chapel was built inside the college campus in the time of Dr. J. Balasingh who was the Principal. Till now it blooms a serene ambience. Students themselves engage their fellow spiritual friends through music, songs, quiet time, meditation, skits and testimonials.

St. John’s College imparts spiritual nourishment to the students and staff through various programmes.  On every working day, a morning worship service is held between 7.35 a. m and 7.55 a.m. at the college chapel.  At 1.30 p. m on Wednesdays and Thursdays students gathered for a time of sharing, prayer and bible study at the chapel.  On Fridays, a fasting prayer is observed from 1.20p.m. to 2.00 p.m.  In the month of August, Students go on an annual retreat to evaluate and energize themselves spiritually.  There is a special retreat in January every year.

A candle lighting service for the benefit of the outgoing final year students is held in March.  Apart from that, a special Holy Communion service at the beginning of the academic year is held in the month of June.  Similarly a year end thanksgiving service is conducted in April.  A Christmas carol service is organized in December.

The chapel is kept open during the college working hours so as to facilitate the staff and students to pray and meditate on the word of God during their leisure time.


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