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The Centre for English and Foreign Languages
Though English has monopoly over the world, the advantages of speaking or writing in a language besides English go a long way in increasing the prospects of learners and enhancing their perspectives. The advent of technology has quickened and made easier than it was before, the acquisition of multiple language skills. International Certifications open the portals of multiple countries and enable students to utilize the umpteen opportunities available for them across the world. The link and the network that the professional bodies provide for the students broaden their outlook. The tradition and culture of the different nations that the students learn as they study various languages make them truly international.
The Centre for English and Foreign Languages offers courses on different languages. The objectives of the Centre are to promote the study of various languages, increase the study of different literatures, bring exposure of varied cultures, enable learners to have International Certifications offered by renowned professional bodies and thereby mould global citizens ready to face the world.
The initial focus of the Centre is on offering Romance Languages such as French and Spanish, Asian Languages such as Japanese and Sanskrit, and International Certifications such as Business English Certificate (BEC), IELTS and TOEFL. As of now, BEC classes have begun, with more than 300 students undergoing training.
The Centre plans to offer more languages and certifications in future for the benefit of learners. This will enable students of our college to become global at the local level and make giant strides for the benefit of humanity.



Dr.A. Rathina Prabhu (Assistant Professor of English)
Coordinator, CEFL



Mr. S. Janneker Lawrence Daniel (Assistant Professor of English)
Associate Coordinator, CEFL