Academic Year 2015-16

Four of our staff members, Mrs. R. Biju Bennie, Mr. C. Joel, Mr. R. Daniel Abraham and Mrs. M. Seethalakshmi, participated in an international conference ‘Recents Advances in Materials Research and its Application’ held at St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai. Our faculty member Mr. S. Joel’s research articles were accepted for publication in Journal of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research and Journal of Research in Inorganic Chemistry. Our faculty member Mr. C. Joel was awarded doctorate in the month of December. Three of our staff members, Mrs. R. Biju Bennie, Mr. C. Joel and Mr. R. Daniel Abraham, presented their research work in the conferences ‘Emerging Trends in Chemistry’ held at Sadakathullah Appa College and ‘New Advances in Chemistry and Materials’ at Sarah Tucker College. Our faculty members, Mrs. R. Biju Bennie and Mr. S. Daniel Abraham were awarded doctorate in the month of February. Our faculty member, Mrs. R. Biju Bennie, published her research work in Der Pharamacia Lettre and International Journal of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry. Dr. S. Daniel Abraham’s research work was accepted for publication in the Journal of Molecular Structure.